1. Hey Arbilina and Nina, I am so excited to introduce you as our next Female Founders! Please tell our LOVLIY community how you started your beauty business ‘Dashl’ together!

We both met in London in 2011, having moved there from Sweden to study and work. As super busy working professionals we often found it hard to find salons with excellent hygiene standards combined with high quality treatments at affordable price points.

Once we started digging deeper into the industry we also realised that the majority of workers are often women, often working very long hours at very little pay. As female consumers, we felt a strong responsibility to do something about it. The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing globally, and it has so much potential, yet despite seeing amazing development in other industries with regards to fair work conditions and quality assurance, very little was done in beauty.

In 2016 we launched our beauty-tech company Dashl, addressing many of the problems we had identified on both the consumer as well as stylist side, but also so much more! Today Dashl has grown into a thriving business, where we offer beauty services through our shop-in-shop beauty bars with leading retailers such as H&M, both in Sweden and now Germany. We also recently launched our own range of beauty products, developed by our in house experts. We employ a large number of stylists, 95% being women from different ethnical backgrounds. We ensure that we offer all of our team members fair and ethical work standards, competitive salaries and benefits such as training and further development through our in house Beauty Academy.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished, and together with our customers and fantastic stylists we are on a mission of becoming the leading beauty company in the world!

Nina and Arbilina – Founders from Dashl

2. We got the chance to design the Dashl Beauty Bars in Hamburg and Düsseldorf with our flower clouds. Can you tell us more about the process of how the expansion to Germany started?

H&M is one of our partners in Sweden, and having operated beauty bars in some of H&M’s most central shops in Sweden successfully, we were asked to open in Hamburg and Dusseldorf, in two of H&M’s flagships stores.

We had always had Germany as our next market so for us the opportunity presented was very aligned with our business objectives. Entering a new market was both exciting and challenging, as there are many differentiating variables between Swedish and German consumers so we spent a lot of time understanding the German consumer behaviour to adapt to their tastes and preferences which has been a very exciting learning experience. We’ve come to understand that Germans do appreciate Scandinavian brands! We are now planning a further expansion in Germany as well as the rest of Europe. Stay tuned!

3. How does your concept differ from other beauty salons?

Dashl is different from traditional beauty salons as we offer services shop-in-shop in retail stores, offering “on-the-go” treatments in central prime locations. All our treatments are between 15-60 minutes and we only work with services that enhance our customers natural beauty.

We only work on the natural nails (gellack manicure), natural lashes (lashlift) and brows (browlifts). These treatments strengthen the natural nail or hairs instead of damaging it. All at affordable price points and the highest quality of products out on the market. All employees are trained and we ensure that they are paid fair, have good work conditions and are offered the ability to expand their skill sets.

For customers it is important that they feel immersed in the experience from the service to the decoration with the flowers etc, since we are inside a retail store.

4. Do you plan to expand even further and what further steps can we look forward to?

We plan to expand further in Germany followed by more European markets! One hint is that it is a neighbouring country to Germany….

Nailart by Dashl

5. Can you tell us your personal beauty trend for the fall season 2021?

Nail Art! Everyone at Dashl HQ is in love with this trend, we love having personalised nail art design, as it adds glamour to any outfit, especially in the fall/winter season where us Scandis tend to dress less colorful. Thankfully all of our nail stylists are experts at Nail Art and always come up with amazing design ideas.

Thank you, Nina and Arbilina! We can’t wait to see more Dashl beauty bars to open up in Germany!

Website: https://dashl.de/

Instagram / Facebook: @dashl.de

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